Understanding EAPS


An employee assistance program (EAP) is an agreement between a business and its employees that provides a wide range of support programs for the employees.
All EAP consultations and referrals are completely confidential are provided at no cost to the employee.

EAP programs can assist the employees with comprehensive work / life balance topics, such as:
1) Personal issues (mental health, family transitions, addiction, etc)
2) Child care (parenting, pregnancy, education, etc)
3) Elder care (living arrangements, insurance, caregiving, etc)
4) Daily living (heath and wellness, moving, etc)
5) Financial wellness (retirement, social security, children’s education, etc)
6) Anything work related (stress, career transition, conflict, etc)

An EAP is a valuable work-based intervention program for anything impacting the performance or attendance of the employee.

EAPs are valuable to employers because they help support employees and this support allows employers to keep and retain talent and can reduce employee turn-over.

1) You represent the EAP (not Balancing Life’s Issues).
2) Please be familiar with which EAP you are representing on each training (Anthem, Optum, LifeCare, etc.).
3) Refer questions about personal EAP services, to the 1-800 number for the EAP or their HR department to set up a confidential consultation.
4) You are never allowed to offer your personal services as an expert in the field. It is a legal violation to offer your personal services, hand out business cards, mention your personal website, etc.

Employee Assistance Programs offer very beneficial services to employees who take advantage of the support and assistance for any difficulties affecting the employee.

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